The Mercenary trilogy is one of my favorite game series of all time. This is why, during the years, I made and contributed to several fan works, in an attempt to keep this series from falling into oblivion. This page lists all the ones I have so far.
Year: 1997
Work: DukeDamocles
Description: this was supposed to be a Duke Nukem 3D modification set in the Gamma system; however, things did not turn up as I hoped and it was never finished.

Download all that was done of DukeDamocles; learn what it was supposed to be about and why it was never completed
Year: 1998
Work: Joke review of "Mercenary IV: the Eleventh Planet"
Description: in March 1998 I suggested an April fool's joke to the editors of Zzap!. I sent them fake screenshots, a fake plot, a fake FAQ and a fake audio clip. On April 1, 1998, Paolo Besser and Davide Corrado used my material to publish the fake review.

Read the fake page with fake screenshots and the fake FAQ I sent to Paolo Besser (DO NOT BELIEVE anything you read in those two pages); the original Italian review that appeared in Zzap!; my English translation of the same review; an explanation about the making of the joke in Italian and in English
Year: 2001
Work: Gamma System Explorer
Description: in 2000 I found a freeware space simulator called Solar System 1.6. It used normal JPG files as textures, so I modified those textures to turn our Solar System into an explorable approximated (but graphically enhanced) version of the Gamma system, that I released in the beginning of 2001.

Download the Gamma System Explorer, read more info about it, learn why I did not release a second version of it in 2002, discover its more detailed successor
Year: 2004/2005
Work: Dark Mercenary
Description: this was supposed to be an actual implementation of "Mercenary IV: The Eleventh Planet" written in DarkBASIC. However, discovered incompatibilities between newer operating systems and DarkBASIC made me reconsider my opinion toward that language and try a different approach.

Download all I did of Dark Mercenary, discover the current successor of this work
Year: 2010
Work: Gamma system for Celestia
Description: the successor to the Gamma System Explorer. This is an astronomically correct depiction of the Gamma system, and as of now, as far as the space part is concerned, the most detailed representation of the Gamma system in existence. Whether you're a graphics junkie or an obnoxious nostalgic, you'll find a version you'll like.

Download the Gamma system addon for Celestia, learn more about it, and if you're NOT an obnoxious nostalgic, find one more occasion to laugh at them
Year: 2010
Work: Analysis of the screenshots of Damocles for PC
Description: there is a lot of interesting things I noticed in the screenshots of Damocles for PC. I meticulously wrote down everything I discovered.

Read my analysis of the screenshots of Damocles for PC. I used the results to make the next work in this list
Year: 2010 / in progress
Description: the current successor to Dark Mercenary. Based on my analysis of the screenshots of Damocles for PC, I decided to create an open source explorable virtual environment that reproduces those locations: not in DarkBASIC anymore, but in C++, with the free 3D engine Irrlicht. For the parts of the Gamma system that the screenshots do NOT show, I decided to use my vision of Mercenary IV as a starting point. If you want, you can consider this as an early alpha of Mercenary IV. Since this is a work in progress, the page layout is a little different.

Download the latest version of TADPSID and learn more about the project. The news are always updated whenever a new version comes out.