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Here are today'Z newZ:
Novagen Software has been refounded and Paul Woakes is working on Mercenary IV

I'm the first person in the world able to give you these newZ: Paul Woakes has refounded Novagen Software and has been working on the fourth episode of the Mercenary saga since the end of 1997. Mercenary IV will use an enhanced version of the never released PC Damocles's engine, and will support MMX and AGP. But if you want to read directly what Paul Woakes wrote on his Mercenary IV FAQ, then go here.

Meanwhile, sit comfortably and enjoy some screenshots:

The title picture. It looks remarkably like the Mercenary 3 title picture, but the new Novagen logo is present.

Skyscrapers at Capital City on Eris, and Capital City's spaceport. Mercenary IV will use an engine able to assign many textures to a surface, showing the most appropriate one for that distance. Note the IV logo on the bottom of the screen.

Two flight shots on Icarus and Lachesis. If this is the level of detail, we are really gonna see some serious shit in Mercenary IV.

The presidential palace on Eris and the home of Parliament on Vesta. Note how you can see Eris's islands from Vesta. The spacecraft in the picture on the left must be the Dart 3.

Midas will be a very important spot in Mercenary IV. Hey, there are 16 million pyramids on it!

Two space flight shots. Note the clouds on Dion and Triton's detailed surface. And look at the inventory in the picture on the right: the antigrav will be present in Mercenary IV too.

Flying toward and walking on the comet Damocles.

Marduk? A new planet entered the Gamma System! But... how come are there so many popular legends about it? Who are those mysterious Nephilim? Marduk will be the home of all evil in Mercenary IV.

Surprising surprise! Hidden somewhere in the Mercenary IV CD-ROM there's the original game, the first episode of the saga: Mercenary - Escape from Targ!