This addon for Celestia adds the planets and moons of the Gamma system around the star Gamma Trianguli.

In early 2001 I had released the Gamma System Explorer: a modification of a simple space simulator, set in an approximated version of the Gamma system, with textures based on what was released of Damocles for PC. A year later I had attempted to make a second version of it, more detailed, based on Orbiter; however, the amount of work that was needed to actually create the system had made me desist.
In 2010 I downloaded Celestia, an advanced space simulator based on OpenGL. The simple structure of its solar system catalog files convinced me to have another try at a realistic reproduction of the Gamma system. This time, I succeeded.

All planetary textures are based on NASA photo source, and they are extremely detailed... the biggest ones are 4096x2048 pixels. All the planets and moons have a complex geography; the colors of the atmospheres have been reproduced as faithfully as possible, while their distances and diameters have been taken directly from the "chart D.1745" contained in the Damocles box. Since I did not have such data for the moons, I based them on game data that the MDDClone author had sent me in 2002. However, to make the system more astronomically correct, I had to multiply by 24 the rotation rates for each celestial body (so, for example, the day of Eris results 27 hours long, as opposed to slightly over an hour as in the game) and multiply by 10 the distance of each moon from its planet (to avoid moon/moon or moon/planet collisions).
And finally: if you set the date to April 27, 2099 (when Damocles takes place), not only every planet will be in the very position it is shown to be in the chart D.1745, but you will see Damocles actually COLLIDING WITH ERIS!!!

This add-on needs only to be unzipped into the Extras folder of Celestia, every needed subdirectory will be created. After installing the addon and running Celestia, if you want to reach the Gamma System you have to press Enter, type "gamma trianguli" or "9 tri" (without the quotes), press Enter again and press G.
(click to see them full-size)

Download the Gamma system addon for Celestia (Zip file, 61 MB)