DukeDamocles was supposed to be a series of maps for Duke Nukem 3D set in the Gamma system. Instead, it is one small map set on Eris, plus several pictures telling part of the story in the form of a comic.

In 1997 I got my first Internet subscription. One of the first websites I found was the Mercenary Site, and the part I liked better of it was the page about Damocles for PC, full of screenshots of that unreleased game. At the time, my favorite game was Duke Nukem 3D, so one day I started up Build in an attempt to make Duke3D levels that reproduced the visuals I saw in those screenshots.
The story for DukeDamocles would've been like this: Duke is bored because he does not have any more enemies to fight, so he attempts to use Doctor Proton's time machine to go to the future and watch his own movie where he is played by Dolph Lundgren. Unfortunately, the time machine was sabotaged, so it transports Duke into an autopiloted interstellar ship called USS Novagen, on route for Eris in the Gamma system. As he lands, he discovers that the same aliens he had just defeated are invading the Gamma system to steal all its pulvin, so he springs into action.

My original plan was to visit a different planet for each level (I even had an idea of Duke eventually reaching the Author's computer and being able to destroy it with a rocket to cause the whole area to explode), but as I made the first map, I realized that not only this approach would have caused the levels to be way too linear, but also it was impossible to make enough sectors in a single level for a faithful reproduction of any planet, and finally the allowed game area was way, way too small!

Since I never finished it, it seemed only right to me that at least people get to see what I actually did, so I put online everything I have of it.
The USS Novagen
A very common vehicle in DukeDamocles
The presidential palace on the outside...
...on the ground floor...
...on the first floor...
...and in the basement
Capital City spaceport
A videoterminal in the spaceport

Videoterminals really work

Download DukeDamocles (Zip file, 631 KB)