Gamma System Explorer is a simple space simulator set in the Gamma System, the solar system of Damocles and Mercenary 3.

In 2000 I got interested in freeware space simulators. In particular, I found one I thought was spectacular: Open Universe. As I was reading again the fake Mercenary 4 review, I got the idea to modify Open Universe to set it in the Gamma System, but the no-GUI version gave troubles when modified. The previous version of that program, named Solar System 1.6, worked perfectly instead, so I started working on that.
From the textures of Open Universe Solar System 1.6 and the textures of Damocles for PC that were released, I created my (approximated) version of the Gamma System, ready to be explored.

System requirements:
Any Windows version (95 or later) will run this program. DirectX 5 or higher is required.
The absolute minimum system to run it smoothly is a Pentium 133 for accelerated mode and a Pentium II 300 for software mode.

This program does not work in stereoscopy (new stereoscopic drivers do not support OpenGL; older nVidia stereoscopic drivers support it, but the planets are not displayed).

(click to see them full-size)
Tolosa, satellite of Juno and bank repository of Eris Triton, the planet of the rings
A shot of the Gaea system A shot of the Eris system

Download Gamma System Explorer (Zip file, 2.24 MB)

How it could have been
In 2002 I attempted to make a second, astronomically correct version of the Gamma System Explorer based on Orbiter. I started making some textures, but the size of the work needed to actually create the system made me desist. However, here is a screenshot of what it would have been.
Screenshot from Gamma System Explorer v2, never released

Years later, I made a second attempt at an astronomically correct Gamma system, using Celestia as a base. This time I was successful, and I made it available for download.