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In 1993, Italian television broadcast a CGI commercial for a new Lancia car, showing the car being created from nothing. Georg Campana got the idea to make a spoof of that commercial, with a tricycle instead of the car, which he made with his Amiga 4000/040 computer and Imagine 2.0 to model and render the animation. The rendering took 6 days, and the animation was presented at Bit.Movie (a computer graphics competition in Riccione, Italy) where it reached third place.
Later, an MPG file of it was uploaded to Aminet, but it was in low resolution and without audio.

As an exercise, I decided to remake the animation, at a higher resolution. An article on Amiga Magazine (the most important Italian magazine about the Amiga) also described a part that was missing in the MPG file, (the crashed tricycle) and the audio part of the animation (it mentioned wind, a "bionic man"-style voice and that the tricycle sounded like a car), so I added them to my remake, based on those descriptions. It rendered in an hour, while I was browsing the web and listening to Gangnam Style on Youtube. Quite a difference, between the present and those days, huh? :-)

When I had first read about the animation (back in 1994), the first thought I got was to have a version of the environment that could be explored in real time.
Of course, back then it was completely impossible (even though I had tried to make a "lite" version of it with AMOS 3D, but it didn't get very far, because I hit the limit of 8 primitives per object and 20 objects per scene), but today it's extremely easy. For that, I used VRML.
Animation remake

VRML environment
This environment requires a VRML browser plugin to be displayed. Download Cortona 3D Viewer for Windows (this supports Direct3D9 and stereoscopy) or OpenVRML for Linux, FreeBSD and OSX.
To explore it online, left click on the screenshot. To download it and explore it offline, right click on the screenshot and choose "Save destination as".

UPDATE: The latest version of Firefox, if run from Windows XP, is incompatible with Cortona 3D Viewer. The solution is Firefox Portable.
If you cannot open VRML files anymore, you ought to download Firefox Portable 43.0.1 and just unzip it wherever you want. Portable versions do not need to be installed and will not interfere with the existing installation, so you can use this version to explore VRML files only. If you have Windows XP and don't have Cortona 3D Viewer installed yet, you should install version 6.0.

L'ancia Therna: VRML environment